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Compensation type double disc flat gate valve structural

Compensating double disc flat valve is a kind of novel structure of flat valve products, it has a fast speed, small open torque and small vibration, long service life, safe and reliable operation, etc. Mainly used in gas and liquid pipe cutting or discharging.
Double sluice gate structure characteristics for plate series:
The valve using two parallel disc and chocking device sealing structure instead of traditional wedge type gate structure.
The valve seal mechanism parts, even in a separated from each other when the temperature changes caused by deformation is still can guarantee seal, and not because of high inflation and make the sluice crowded living couldn't open it.
The valve seal is wear-resistant, anti-corrosive materials, prolong the service life of the valve.
In high temperature and high pressure condition, inlet side wedge design for pressure due to temperature change, prevent the cavity pressure caused by abnormal rising phenomenon to ensure safe operation.
Closed structure, good performance, all-water

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