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Functton,structural specification of flat gate valve

(a) flat valve USES:
Flat valve applies to natural gas, petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, urban pipeline, the fuel gas pipelines, etc, pipes, vent system and steam storage device, used for on-off equipment. Z43 type wedge type with diversion hole single slab gate applies to gas exploitation and purification of long-distance pipelines.
Flat valve size range: DN25 ~ 0.6 MPa pressure range: 1200 45MPa 150Lb 3000Lb ~ ~ ~
Guide hole flat valve is used to the pipeline pigging through balls, diversion hole plate valves used to need not through ball on the pipeline pigging.
(2) flat gate structure
1, the body has two forms, general nominal pressure than 2.5 MPa, or 300Lb acuities for casting flat structure, 300Lb > > 2.5 MPa or choose when casting round structure.
2, the seat for filling PTFE seals enchase PTFE or rigid floating seat, with double sealing effect by 2008, seat end type ring spinning unaffected by force, and the effect of the piston floating seat to import and export and seal, the dual seal structure makes the body ZhongQiang and channel, can completely isolated in the work condition within the body, out of repair valve. 3 for a wedge, the parallel plate, rectangular open channels of the same diameter and flow hole hole (with), also can open hole (not), and guide, straight, smooth channel for the resistance coefficient is low, low pressure drop, opened and closed gate and seat when touch each other, can wipe always adhering to the seal of particles, and can make the sealing surface contaminants are not directly eroded medium and protected.
(3) flat valve features:
1, seat sealing structure should be elastic have pre-tightening force, and downstream seat and sealing structure of sealing. Seat sealing between content is always face seal.
2, seat from cleaning function, and in the open or close the valve of air directly. Seat should not wear and lubrication, by a material.
3 and valve actuator fault won't affect other parts of the valve, maintenance and replacement can be removed in work under the condition of the valve.
(1) yokesleeves - aluminum-bronze yokesleeve has needle thrust bearing, minimize operating torque.
(2) stem - threaded length until bracket, The pin and spot welding, Stability.
(3) pressure seal - uncomplicated design has segmented retaining ring and mild steel silver plated gasket to aid disassembly and provide maximum bonnet seal.
(4) seat ring - welded-in seat rings are perpendicular to the flow passage, easy maintenance.
(5) actuators - these valves can be supplied with electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators. DN300 below standard handwheel manual, DN350 above configuration inclined gear operator.
(6) yoke -fully fabricated yoke is seismically, easy maintenance and actuator mounting.
(7) gland - two piece, self-aligning gland eliminates cocking.
(8) integral backseat - hardfaced for maximum.
(9) disc - spring loaded discs are self-aligning and reduce actuator torque requirements.
(10) integral stop - integrally cast carrier stop positions carrier disc assembly, reliable seating.
The body has two kinds of casting and welding structure.
Seat ring seal and using o-shape exert pre-tightening force floating seat structure, make the valve import and export bidirectional seal, And the structure of open torque for common valve 1/2, can achieve easily open and close the valve.
The metal to metal seal valve, valve grease injector outside, grease and through the valve seat valve seal, make into reach zero leakage.
Using seal surface inlay PTFE seat, PTFE for metal and metal to metal seal, PTFE trim the dual role of the gate and remove dirt.
Disc, seat through special processing, spray welding cemented carbide, wear-resisting, four fluorine dual seal. And can note oil auxiliary seal dual protection, more reliable seal, service life is longer.
Gate valves with flow hole, whether open or sexual and sealing face sealing, protected without directly eroded by medium, thereby prolong service life.
When the valve is in full, channel smooth line, for the resistance coefficient of tiny, without pressure loss, can contain cleaning line.
This valve USES the filler sealing ability, without constant adjustment, structure, very deft, and sealing dependable, stuffing box also assisting sealing grease injection structure, sealed performance is absolutely reliable, truly achieve zero leakage, To solve the common valve filler most easily leak of evils.
When the valve is in the closed automatically unloaded inner cavity pressure (see chart), working principle, safe use.
Closed structure, good performance, suitalbe for the request.
An indication rod or observation window to open or close the valve.

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