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Advantage and disadvantage of gate valve

Gate advantages:
(1) fluid resistance small because valve body internal medium channel is the direct, medium flows when the valve without changing its flow direction, so fluid resistance.
(2), open and close a moment when saving for gate open gate movement direction perpendicular to the direction of flow and the media, and globe valves, gate valves open more effort.
(3) medium flow direction is unlimited, no pressure, reduce turbulence from the gate on both sides of the medium flows in any direction, all can reach the purpose of using more suitable for medium. May change flow direction in the pipeline.
(4) structure for the shorter length is vertical damper placed gate valve, cut-off valve disc is placed within the body level and structure length than globe valves.
(5) good seal performance by erosion when fully seal.
(6) wide open, sealing the erosion by working medium than globe valves are small.
(7), casting process is relatively simple, wide application scope.

Gate valves faults:
Yi: (1) when the sealing disc and seat damage on-off contact between the two sealing and have relatively friction, easy injury, influence and longevity, seal maintenance is difficult.
(2) for a long time, the height of the great due to the gate open to open or sexual, travel, open gate to certain space, with high dimension space, installation required.
(3) complex structure gate generally has two sealing, processing, grinding and maintenance, difficult to add some more parts, manufacture and repair the more difficult than globe valves, cost is high.

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