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National standard gate valve characteristics

Gate valves with flow resistance, suitable for small of pressure and temperature range, etc, it is one of the most commonly used to stop valve.which, or through the medium pipeline truncated. When the circulation in the open ended, the pressure loss of operating medium. Gate valves are normally applied to need not often open, and keep the gate open or fully closed. Not as regulating or throttling. For high-speed flow in the media, the gate open condition can cause local vibration, and the gate vibration and may damage and seat disc sealing and throttling will suffer the erosion media wedge.
Domestic low-pressure valve is widely used in cast iron, cast iron gate valve, gate DongLie often occur in such serious problems, off the carbon iron gate valve stem rust easily, packing and gasket, leakage of poor quality. The PN1.0 valve production of low carbon steel gate MPa replaced traditional iron gate valve, effectively solved the iron gate to gate DongLie, shell yi yi, stem rust, sealed performance is not reliable, etc.
Gb gate
(1) fluid resistance small because valve body internal medium channel is the direct, medium flows when the valve without changing its flow direction, so fluid resistance.
(2) on-off valves open torque small because when disc movement direction perpendicular to the direction of flow and the media, and globe valves, gate valves open more effort.
(3) medium flow direction of medium can be restricted from any direction on both sides of the gate, and can achieve through use. More suitable for flow direction of medium in pipelines may change.
(4) structure for the shorter length is vertical damper placed gate valve, cut-off valve disc is placed within the body level and structure length than globe valves.
(5) good seal performance by erosion when fully seal.
(6) easy damage sealing disc and seat when on-off contact between the two sealing and have relatively friction, easy injury, influence and life-span. Seal
(7) and idle for a long time, the height of the great due to fully open gate valves, gate sexual or travel, open to certain space, with high dimension.
(8) more complex structure parts, manufacture and repair the more difficult than globe valves, cost is high.

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