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Knowledge of knife gate valve

Knife gate valve type is simple and compact structure, reasonable design, lightweight materials and reliable sealing, flexible and convenient operation, small volume, smooth channel flow resistance, light weight, easy to install and remove etc, thoroughly solved the ordinary gate, flat gate, globe valves, butterfly valves, the weight of the valve, the valve etc, big flow resistance, large area, such as the installation of knotty problem, can replace gm cut-off valve, and pressure regulator, can work in 1.0 MPa - 2.5 MPa, using temperature - 29-55 degrees Celsius. The knife gate valves with shear type giant-cell function, can stick on sealing, automatically remove impurities, stainless steel gate to prevent corrosion can be caused by a seal leakage.
According to different type knife gate valve size and made dark stem two types (dark stem (900mm ~ ~ ~ 900mm, Ming (stem). Knife gate valves can be made within type V, triangle, the pentagon channel. V can be used as adjusting control gate.
Knife gate valve connection form of wafer, flange teams have ears, a metal seal of metal, metal hard seal of polyurethane, with enhanced ptfe soft seal.
According to the transmission way knife gate valve type can be divided into: manual (the handwheel, manual zipper, worm gear and worm drive (are gearing, bevel gear transmission), pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, etc.
According to the control mode of knife gate valves can be divided into: manual control, pneumatic control, electromagnetic control, the remote computer simulation control.
The scope of knife gate valve type
Type knife gate valve applies to mine coal preparation plant, slag discharge, the urban sewage treatment, food, paper, pharmaceutical, oil and chemical oil, water, steam piping, through the water pipe or truncate the mud and gold ore, coal, ore, slag, pulp, wood pulp, tailings, fiber, dust, chemical wastewater treatment, leaking, asphalt, silo export, fruit and grain, slaughterhouses wastewater, and other media.
Knife gate valve product characteristics of
1 the disc sealing, can promote giant-cell can stick on sealing, automatically remove impurities.
2 stainless steel gate to prevent corrosion can be caused by a seal leakage, fine grinding can obtain better polished sealing effectiveness. Sword into the bottom plate, soft materials on blade, such as fiber, paper pulp is cut off, and at the same time open and close with good effect. In the upper plate installation with sword, ptfe mud scraper can prevent dusts, gravel packing material into the scratch etc of box, can significantly improve the knife plate life.
3 stainless steel body durable, body reinforcement design to improve body strength, double screw using open more rapidly.
4 overall stainless steel material, can prevent corrosion damage. Body, packing for precision casting, contain one body using flange type whole casting, the material can be chosen according to the needs of user 304, 316, 316L, WCB and 2Crl3, sealing material using enhanced PTFE PTFE, anti-corrosive, not touch, slag.
5 all round dc channel design not slag, BuKa resistance.
6 the sealing filler letter of scientific design, make the seal is safe and effective, and durable.
7. Short length, can save material structure, installation space, also effective support pipe strength.
8. The triangle to ensure raw material support to save the mechanical properties.
9 knife gate valve type wedge blocks correct orientation of sport. Ensure effective sealing gate extrusion block.
The knife gate valves can choose any type of driving mechanism.
11. V gate valves can be used for.
12 compact design, occupy the space is small, light weight, easy to install, cheap price, prevent wear-resisting measures to improve, convenient in maintenance, use convenient, and long life, and can be arbitrarily choose device drivers.
13. The disc has five points, make the disc to have very good since. When the valve is in the closed position, and back pressure, disc not offset.
Knife gate valve installation and use of maintenance
1 knife gate valves should check before the installation of cavity and sealing valve etc, are not allowed to have dirt or sand attached,
2 each joint bolts, lock,
3 check pressure filler parts requirement, not only ensure filler sealing, and to ensure that the gate open flexible,
4 users before installation, the valve type, connect to proofread and attention to the flow direction of medium size, ensure consistency with the valve requirements,
Install valve in 5 users must be reserved the necessary space valve actuation,
6 the device driver circuit diagram for wiring must press,
7. Knife gate valves must be maintained regularly arbitrarily, collision and extrusion, lest affect seal.

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