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Definition of gate valve

Gate valves are closed (to) the centerline access gate along the vertical direction of the valve. Gate valves only made in line with the full open and sexual cutting, cannot adjust and throttling. Gate valves are used in a wide range of valve DN, general diameter of 50 disconnecting device.this device is chosen it, sometimes aperture small switching-off device also chooses gate.
Disc sealing, two of the most common seal gate valves two pattern formation, wedge Angle valve wedge with different parameters, and is usually not high temperature, medium 50 for 2 degrees 52 '. Wedge type valves can be made into a whole the sluice gate, called the rigid, Can also make can produce the gate, trace deformation process to improve its sealing up, in the course of processing Angle deviation from the gate, called elastic disc.
Gate valves closed, seal can only rely on medium pressure seal, which depend on the disc sealing medium pressure will to the other side of the pressure seal seat to ensure the sealing, this is the seal. Most of the gate is mandatory, shut off the valve seal, rely on outside force will to seat disc pressure seal, in order to ensure the sealing.
The gate valves with stem together for linear motion, lifting lever gate (also called the gate). Usually in lifting lever in trapezoidal thread, through the valve is at the top of the nuts and body guide groove, rotation movement into linear motion, also be operating torque thrust into operation.
Open valve, gate hoisting height when valve is 1 times, fluid channels completely clear, but at runtime, this position is unable to monitor. In practice, the vertex based on the valve stem, that is not a sign of position, as it in full open position. For considering temperature changes occur locked phenomenon, normally in the open position, then to the vertex back 1-1/2 full circle, as the valve position. Therefore, the valve in full open position, according to the gate location (i.e. schedule)

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