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Flange gate valves


A Flange gate valve is a conventional GATE VALVES that includes a pair of integral flange plates on the ends of the valve body. This allows the valve to be added to existing pipe flanges in a standardized system with minimal effort. A GATE VALVES is a type that features a circular disc that is lifted or dropped within a close-fitting chamber to allow or restrict the flow of fluid through the valve. The flange plates are typically round, flat plates mounted at right angles to the fluid flow path at either end of the valve body. These plates are equipped with a row of holes around their circumference through which mounting bolts are inserted.

The gate valve is a member of the multi-turn valve family and one of the most commonly used valve types in a host of industries. They consist of a round, flat disc, or gate, which is attached to a threaded lead screw type valve stem. At the bottom of its travel, the disc closes off the flow of fluid through the valve chamber. When the valve stem is turned, the valve gate rises to open the flow path.

A Flange gate valve is a specific type that includes a pair of flange discs, one on either end of the valve body. These are typically round plates that are open at their centers cast as integral parts of the valve body. The discs are drilled with a row of holes located around their circumference that are used to mount the valve. These discs allow the Flange gate valve to be mounted onto existing flanges in standardized pipe systems. If, however, the valve needs to be mounted on a non-standardized flange, a range of adapters are available which will facilitate the installation.

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