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Cast Iron the Valve s Material


Even in the ceramic valve, there are other materials except the ceramic material. The cast iron is one of the common valve materials. The cast iron is the general term of alloying including iron, carbon and silicon. According to the editor s knowledge of DSMATERIAL, the cast iron contains several categories, such as grey cast iron, white cast iron, malleable cast iron, nodular cast iron, wriggle ink cast iron, alloy cast iron. The grey cast iron has high carbon content , and the carbon is mainly of graphite form, with grey fracture. It has low melting point, and the shrinkage is small in solidification.

Its compression strength and hardness are close to carbon steel and the shock absorption is small. In the white cast iron, there are little carbon and silicon, and the carbon is cementite, with silver fracture. The shrinkage is big in solidification and it is easy to have shrinkage cavity and fissure. The white cast iron has high hardness, fragility, and cannot bear the heavy impact. These are the little introduce of the valve s materials.

According to the different property of the different materials, they can be used in various working conditions. The customers should know the different of the valve materials to choose the better proper valve. For more information.

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