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ANSI Gate Valve Standards 2012-08-08
The American National Standards Institute, or ANSI, works with its member organizations to develop and publish standards and norms governing a wide range of industries. In conjunction with the America
Gate Valve Trim Types Gate Valve Trim Types 2012-08-07
Gate valves are plumbing components used to regulate the flow of water through high-volume plumbing systems. Gate valves are one of the most frequently used types of valves, found in almost every faci
What Is an API Gate Valve 2012-08-06
An API gate valve refers to a gate valve that meets one or more specifications set forth by the API. The API (American Petroleum Institute) is a strong trade association that represents gas and oil pr
Tips on Opening a Broken Gate Valve 2012-08-03
Gate valves that are infrequently operated have a tendency to freeze up; these are uncomplicated and typically well-made machines and seldom actually break. If you encounter a broken gate valve, it is
Tools to Replace a Gate Valve 2012-08-01
The individual drips of a leaky gate valve add up to big bucks, lead to potential water damage and create mold or mildew, which compromise interior air quality and safety. Gate valve repair, especiall
How to Solder Gate Valves 2012-07-31
Gate valves are commonly installed in the copper hot and cold water lines of a house. By soldering gate valves into the various lines, you can shut off an individual line running to a master bathroom,
Big Size Gate Valve Repair and Recondition 2012-07-30
After all, the waste valve from various working conditions had experienced corrosion by various medium, eroding by various fluids and being affected by different temperature conditions, which the part
What Is an OS & Y Gate Valve 2012-07-27
Gate valves operate by opening or closing a passageway to manage fluid flow. You use an O S & Y gate valve mainly to control water flow, and you commonly find it in municipal and industrial water serv
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