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Slide Gate Valve and Use 2012-08-22
slide gate valve are designed to shut off the flow of product from outlets of dry bulk storage bins, silos, conveyors and other discharge points. DCL
How to select he Ceramic Knife Gate Valve 2012-08-21
The ceramic valve is the new valve in the valve products. The ceramic knife gate valve is one kind of the ceramic valves. The ceramic knife gate valve has the characteristics of simple and compact str
Temperature Transducers 2012-08-20
Temperature transducers translate energy from pressure or from the temperature itself and use it to produce a measurement, displayed on a gauge, dial or display. These devices take temperature reading
What's Wrong with Using a 2012-08-17
It is sometimes believed that the load of condensate can be regulated with a regular valve instead of a steam trap by simply adjusting the valve opening manually to match the amount of condensate gene
Characteristics and application of water seal gate valve 2012-08-15
Water seal gate valves suitable for working pressure 1.6 ~ 10.0MPa, work temperature 0 ~ 425
What Is a Gate Valve Actuator? 2012-08-14
A gate valve actuator is a mechanical device designed to remotely open and close a gate valve. These actuators are known as multi-turn actuators, as it generally takes at least a couple of full rotati
Knife gate valves suitable for abrasive slurries 2012-08-10
knife gate valves are engineered to be used in tough environments with demanding media. They are built with a cast body and feature a robust stainless-steel gate. Removable seats on either side of
Gate Valve Disk Design 2012-08-09
Gate valves are available with a variety of disks. Classification of gate valves is usually made by the type disk used: solid wedge, flexible wedge, split wedge, or parallel disk. Solid wedges, flexi
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