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Forged Steel Globe Valve 2012-09-28
Flosteer Valves have been proven in service application for over 35 years. Flosteer offers a wide range of Forged Steel Globe, Forged Steel Gate and Forged Steel Check Valves, reduced and full bore i
The centre line of the valve body 2012-09-05
Three, a check valve disc : disc around the valve seat within the pin shaft rotary check valve. Disc check valve has the advantages of simple structure, can only be installed in horizontal pipelines,
Cryogenic valves parameters 2012-09-03
Products: DZ40Y Product size: 15 ~ 1200mm Products: 1.6-2.5 MPa pressure The products material: LC3, LCB LCC, 1Cr18Ni9Ti,
Why Ball Valves are Superior to Gate Valves 2012-08-31
In the past week, we have replaced an unusual number of broken gate valves. Actually, they weren
Disassemble a Gate Valve 2012-08-29
Locate and turn off the main water supply before disassembling the gate valve.
The Nature of a Gate Valve 2012-08-27
A gate valve consists of an actuator---such as a lever, a hand wheel or an electric motor---a housing, which holds the valve mechanism, and a gate---a rectangular or circular piece of metal th
Valve industry and the history of use 2012-08-24
Valve is used to control fluid flow, pressure and flow to the device. Controlled fluid can be liquid, gas, gas-liquid mixture or a mixture of solid-liquid. Usually by the valve body, valve cover, valv
Fix a Gate Valve That Doesn't Close 2012-08-23
Turn off the main water supply valve to your home. Open up the faucet nearest to gate valve that doesn't close. This will drain the water from the line. If the faulty gate valve is on the hot water pi
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