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Gate Valve - Bronze, Fire Protection, Hose Cap and Chain T-103-HC

The NIBCO® bronze gate valve is designed for automatic fire sprinkler systems for on/off service to sprinkler hose. ... [2014-05-21]

Nibco Gate Valve – Bronze, Full Port, Compact Design, Solder Ends S-29

The NIBCO® bronze gate valve features a screw-in bonnet for a durable, pressure-tight seal. The non-rising stem gate valve with the aluminum handwheel offers positive shutoff. ... [2014-05-14]

Hattersley Fig. M549PN6 Cast Iron Gate Valve PN6

Pressure/Temperature Rating BS EN 1171 PN6 6 bar at -10 to 120ºC 5.4 bar at 150ºC Test Pressures (Hydraulic) Shell: 9 bar Seat: 6.6 bar Specification Inside screw Non-rising stem... [2014-05-08]

Gate Valve – Bronze, Non-rising Stem, Bolted Bonnet, Threaded S-136 Large Diameter

The NIBCO® large diameter bronze gate valve features a bolted bonnet for service where reparability in-line is required. Non-rising stem gate valves are used when positive shutoff... [2014-05-06]

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